Control Room

The control room is a large 90m2 (968 ft2) acoustically adjusted space with a dining table, a sofa area and a fireplace. Windows in the ceiling provide daylight.

The main monitors are ATCs SCM100 and nearfields are SCM20 power by Bryston. Besides that we have some Genelec 1030a and NS10 that can be set up if required

The console is an AMEK Classic 34 + 6 stereo

Protools HD 32in / 32out

We have an EMT 140 (Serial number 02824) previously owned by John Lennon ***

24 track Otari MX-80
16 track Studer A80 Mark I


  • Elberg
  • Neve
  • RCA
  • EAR
  • Vintech
  • Tube-Tech
  • EMI-Chandler
  • DBX
  • TC-Electronics
  • Universal

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