Welcome to The Village

The Village Recording in Copenhagen is one of Denmark’s best recording studios and has a large (260 m² ~2,800 ft²) recording room renowned for its great acoustics.

We have a beautiful and well-maintained Steinway & Sons B Grand Piano from 1999, and the studio is equipped with Aviom Personal Monitor so that musicians can make their own headphone mix.

We are also the proud owners of an EMT 140 reverb (serial no. 02824) that was owned by John Lennon and used in his Ascot Sound Studios, Tittenhurst Park, at the time the album ’Imagine’ was recorded.

The Village has a creative and relaxed atmosphere, good coffee, and is one of the few studios in the world with a fireplace in the control room.

We look forward to hearing from you and to see you in The Village for your next recording session – or as a guest to one of our many studio concerts.

Thomas Vang
Owner of The Village Recording
Copenhagen, Denmark

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